Legs: You ignore us…

Me: Why do you say that?

Head: They are right, since you bought that motorbike, you never use them anymore.

Legs: We were thinking about leave you…

Me: No, my God. I’ll do exercise, next week i’ll go to the gym.

Head: Do you want me to store that on “To do things” or we’ll be honest?

Me: You just focus on the road.

Head: We already arrive, that’s the place. There’s so much people.

And that’s how i arrive to that luxury restaurant. I was so nervous to be late that I arrived the first one.

Minutes later I greeted my partners and a waiter guided us to our table.


What a big table… and it’s on a platform higher tan the rest. Like a VIP zone or something like that. We have nice views.

Me: This place is pretty cool.

Head: We’re above of them… above all of them… greet you peasants! to Stefanus Tiberio II The Magnanimus!

Legs: ¡Ave Tiberio! jeje

Me: What’s wrong with you guys? don’t bother the customers.

Head: Look at their faces! Rejoice!

Me: What the hell are you saying…?

Head: Let’s look the menu.

Me: There’re many plates that i don’t know.

Head: Don’t worry about it, just enjoy, look at the starters.

Me: There are so many, and there is wine.

Our table was a big round table and to my left i had the human resources’ leader with whom i’ll have a nice talk.

HR boss: How are you? How did you feel these months working with us?

Me: Really good, i think this Company really have a nice work environment.

HR boss: I’m happy about that, that’s what CIM tries, not to be just another company and bla bla…

Head: Seems that she trusts us.

Me: That’s because she doesn’t know you… lucky us.

Head: Don’t you think you drink lot of wine? you don’t usually drink.

Me: I’m the one who less drink on this table. Don’t you think i can handle some wine?

Head: It’s not the same. People on this table can run a marathon if they want, specially those girls over there. You got exhausted only with that little run you did to catch the bus.

Me: … that calls explosive force.

Head: Of course.

Legs: Of course.

Me: Mmm… i’ll stop drinking wine.

Voice: But take some jam.

Me: Someone else join us today?

Voice: I’m your stomach. Take some jam, that plate is full of jam and you didn’t eat anything.

Me: This is it…

Head: What’s up stomach?

Stomach: Here i am… empty. I can’t enjoy with this boy.

Me: We have to wait for… i don’t know… The first plate? those are just the starters.

Stomach: Chill bro, i got this.

Me: No, you got nothing.

Head: I have here some files that says that you feel ill every time after you say “I have this under control”.

Stomach: Why do you have those files? Delete them. They are out of date.

Head: They are from last week… I have all registered.

Legs: We’ll start to move frantically from up and down… ok?

And that was how the dinner went on. A friendly meeting full of laughs, food and wine. And it finished, like all the good things, and it was time to go.

Stomach: Auuuuh… help…

Head: Files updated.

Stomach: Shut up…

CEO: Well guys, lets take a drink on that place ok?

Head: These people never stops! what a stamina.

Me: I think i’ll go, it’s a little late and i have to sleep for tomorrow.

Colleagues: Why!? just come with us a little more.

Head: Don’t be impolite. just go.

Legs: We’re not tired.

Me: Lets go then.

And we go. But “that place” was not a pub, it was a disco where all the CIM team decided to have fun.

Legs: Let’s do this!!

Stomach: My god please… stop.

Head: Lights! lot of lights! oh god this is your yam! let me search the lyrics.

Me: We have to dance stomach!

Head: I love christmas dinners. And tomorrow we’ll run 6 kms.

Legs: Yeah let… what?

And with some dance moves the christmas dinner go to his end. I retire myself with half of the team, but some brave partners continue the party. I went to sleep because in two days i’ll have some new experiences. i’ll run my first Company marathon.


Stefano Mazzuka