Técnicas Reunidas

Técnicas Reunidas belongs to the Técnicas Reunidas Group, a company focusing on engineering, design and construction of industrial installations. TR is a leading engineering and construction firm in the Spanish energy sector.
In 2010 it undertook an ambitious document migration and re-engineering project in its internal corporate plan management application, covering the areas of Engineering, Construction and Procurement, and outside access for clients.
This project gave the Técnicas Reunidas Group the stability and usability its document management platform had been lacking, taking it from an application on the point of being abandoned to a strategic business asset.
Use of the platform is spreading, and it currently serves over 10,000 users in different locations, with more than 20 servers in production, moving over 15 TB of data.
CIM is still the consultancy chosen by Técnicas Reunidas to evolve and maintain its document management applications.

Groupement Touat Gaz

GDF SUEZ and Sonatrach formed Groupement TouatGaz (hereafter, GTG), to act as partners in the construction of a 1,300 km2 gas plant in Algeria.
In late 2013, CIM was selected to supply and install the EDMS (Enterprise Document Management System) for communications between GTG and the contractor.
Thanks to the EDMS provided by CIM, GTG was able to manage its information from the head office or from the site, and to communicate with the contractor throughout the plant construction phase. We give Document Controllers the support they need for their day-to-day work.
Thanks to the quality and business expertise of CIM, and the technology we choose for the EDMS, GTG now rely on us as their preferred suppliers for a new EDMS for the next plant operation phase.
CIM continues to provide functional support for the Document Controllers and technical support to IT, while carrying out updates and migrations to the implemented solution.


Creara is a company specialising in energy efficiency and savings which offers consulting, management and educational services in the fields of energy efficiency and savings and renewable energies.
In 2012 Creara decided, based on its consolidated track record in energy management, to construct a revolutionary modular solution which could gather its expertise on energy efficiency and offer it to its clients.
CIM was the supplier chosen by Creara to realise its GENIO platform. This application enables Creara to gather telemetry data, construct graphs and load curves, and exploit the data for savings advice and alerts. Briefly, internally managing the lifespan of its clients’ consumption at each supply point and providing useful information to its clients.
We are still providing support for this client and improving the platform in line with changes in the market.


DEOLEO is a Spanish food business group, traded on the Spanish stock market, and the world leader in bottled olive oil. It has an extensive international presence with well-known brands, maintaining leadership positions in the world’s largest markets, such as CARBONELL, BERTOLLI, CARAPELLI and SASSO.
CIM was the supplier in charge of migrating and evolving its document platform in 2010. The project provided DEOLEO with a single solution with corporate scanning software, ERP (SAP R/3) and an Intranet Agenda, creating an integrated system for managing its invoices.
The DMS (Document Management System) was implemented across the company, and CIM managed the rollout to different countries, including Australia, Mexico, Italy and Portugal.
CIM is currently providing updates and maintenance for the DEOLEO platform.

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