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Music and New Technologies

New technologies have transformed music. Today almost everyone can create music from home. To start creating, you only need a computer and specific software. In the past, people who wanted to produce or record music needed to rent a recording studio and a team of professionals for many hours. This was too expensive and was not available for everyone. Nowadays, if you have a computer, you already have everything you need to get a greatest hit! In a few clicks you will have ready the central part of a home studio, known as a digital audio workstation or DAW (Digital Audio WorkStation).

Among the most popular DAWs for music creation and production are CUBASE, AppleLogic X Pro or Pro-Tools among others … Only with a PC and a DAW we can start creating music based on MIDI digital instruments (Music Instrument Digital Interface) or VST plugins (Virtual Studio Technology) but if we have some musical knowledge and want to record the sound of our favorite instrument or our own voice, we will also need a sound card or low-latency audio interface, it will allow us to connect microphones or musical instruments and record them on the workstation with very low latency and (almost) professional quality.


















Technology has also transformed the musical language. Traditionally, music was written on sheet music, but in the digital world the language of music is called MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). MIDI language allows computers and programs to understand the information that comes to them from peripherals such as a keyboard midi, a guitar pedalboard, etc… it is quite common to find a midi keyboard in almost all the home studios, that keyboard does not sound by itself, but with it, we can convert sounds into MIDI language: when we press a key a MIDI note is created, notes that will be played later (or in real-time) on the instrument we choose from our favorite sound bank, being able to choose from a grand piano, a string quartet or the most exotic instruments that you can imagine. In the same way, the MIDI editor of your DAW allows you to sequence the notes step by step and that makes the task of creating music much easier for people without previous musical knowledge. Of course, having musical training and culture will allow you to give better compositions, as long as the muses visit you… or maybe, as the genius said: A masterpiece consists of 1% inspiration and 99% transpiration… What do you think?


Jaime Camacho Pastilla

ECM Analyst

Music and New Technologies2021-05-13T11:29:46+01:00

intern diary IV: Company race

Me: I’m so tired…

Head: It’s 8:45 on Sunday, what did you expect?

Me: It’s so cold.

Legs: When you’ll be running you will not think about the cold.

Me: Yeah, I’ll get warm quickly.

Head: I think they’re trying to tell you that you will be more worry about not to die than of the cold.

Legs: Jeje yeah.

Me: Why you say that? We have been training.

Head: You can run tree km and that’s a miracle. This is a six-km race… What will you do?

Me: I’ll see.

Legs: Let’s be honest, this looks bleak. Did you see us? This is not going to go well jaja it’s funny.

Me: At least you got sense of humor.

Stomach: The worst is that you didn’t take a good breakfast.

Me: We eat a lot so shut up.

Head: Scramble eggs, orange juice, toasts…

Stomach: Yeah, ok, but… that was like two hours ago.

Me: That was twenty minutes ago.

Stomach: I’m not going to make it. I advise that I don’t going to make it.

We must run with a lot of people. People who were ready to win. Police close a big avenue only for us. Everyone were sponsor their company.

I met my friends and we get ready for start. A man says something very loud and the race begin.

Legs: We got this.

Stomach: You can take one of those cereal bars if you finish the race.

Me: Cereal bar, cereal bar, cereal…

Head: Stopped.

Me: I’m metalizing.

Head: It didn’t work. Just focus on the race and try not to hit the people.

Me: There’s a lot. I’m going to take some pics.

Legs: We got this.

Head: It’s very strange to run on this avenue, but funny.

Me: Yes, you are right.

Stomach: You can have some drink too.

Me: Stomach. Stop. We’ll eat later.

Legs: We got this.

Head: Hey, take a look to your legs… something is wrong.

Me: It’s everything ok?

Legs: Of got! We course this!

Me: yeah… ok…

Head: They will stop working in 10 minutes.

Me: mmm…

Head: Look at them, they even know where they are, they are moving by inertia.

Me: Well, you are the one who control all of this. Just turn on the automatic mode.

Head: As you wish. Automatic legs ON.

Stomach: Grwwwrrg

Me: Really?

Stomach: Yes! You don’t listen to me then I complain!

Me: I don’t need this.

Stomach: GRWWRRGG!!

Me: …

Jefa de RRHH: Stefano how`re you doing! Everything’s good? Hurry up! I’m going to advance a little ok?

Me: Hello! Yeah perfectly! See you!

Head: See how she run…

Me: Yes…

Head: She has children… Did you know that?

Me: Shut up…

Head: Shame on you…

And that was how I was meeting all my friends and every one of them continue the race.

Voice: What the hell are you doing?

Me: What?

Head: I say nothing.

Voice: I’m your heart…

Me: My god, It’s everything ok?

Heart: What do you think? I’m hypotensive and you are running like you don’t care.

Me: But… this is good, right?

Heart: Of course not, this is the worst you can do to me…

Me: But running is good for hypotensive people, right?

Heart: I’m a heart, not a medic. And I know you will not like this.

Me: Like what? UUuugggfh… What’s happening! What a pain!

Head: jeje yeah like a knife.

Heart: Of course! What did you expect? Run some marathon only because you want?

Me: Why me…

Heart: That’s how I roll.

Me: I’m going to walk a little…

Head: Encouragement, we almost arrive to the half part of the race.

Me: How much remains?

Head: Like tree km.

Legs: We got this.

Me: I’ll die, why people do this? Why people pay for this!?

Head: Jeje yeah, I know, we have cars, right?

Tree kilometers later and walking, I meet my friends on the finish line.

Me: We did it…

Stomach: Finally! Where’re my cereal bars?

Girl that work there and have some bad news: I’m sorry, there’s no more cereal bars. Here you have some water.

Me: Thanks

Stomach: WHAT!? This is awful!

Me: Stop complain, look the good side, we finish the race.

Head: Relax, maybe we can find some food later.

Stomach: Mmm.

Head: I’m so proud of you.

Me: Thank you.

Head: Not you, I’m talking about the legs. I will turn off the automatic mode.

Legs: We … are… gonna… die.

Head: Good job. Now you can sleep.

CEO: Well guys, congratulations everyone! You wish to take some coffee now?

Me: See? At the end, you will eat.

Stomach: Nnnnice…

I finish my first race and I went to take a breakfast with my coworkers. And that’s how we are surpassing goals. Step by step. Because y you find troubles in your life the only thing you can do is keep walking.


Stefano Mazzuka

intern diary IV: Company race2017-07-04T09:36:20+01:00

intern diary III: Christmas dinner

Legs: You ignore us…

Me: Why do you say that?

Head: They are right, since you bought that motorbike, you never use them anymore.

Legs: We were thinking about leave you…

Me: No, my God. I’ll do exercise, next week i’ll go to the gym.

Head: Do you want me to store that on “To do things” or we’ll be honest?

Me: You just focus on the road.

Head: We already arrive, that’s the place. There’s so much people.

And that’s how i arrive to that luxury restaurant. I was so nervous to be late that I arrived the first one.

Minutes later I greeted my partners and a waiter guided us to our table.


What a big table… and it’s on a platform higher tan the rest. Like a VIP zone or something like that. We have nice views.

Me: This place is pretty cool.

Head: We’re above of them… above all of them… greet you peasants! to Stefanus Tiberio II The Magnanimus!

Legs: ¡Ave Tiberio! jeje

Me: What’s wrong with you guys? don’t bother the customers.

Head: Look at their faces! Rejoice!

Me: What the hell are you saying…?

Head: Let’s look the menu.

Me: There’re many plates that i don’t know.

Head: Don’t worry about it, just enjoy, look at the starters.

Me: There are so many, and there is wine.

Our table was a big round table and to my left i had the human resources’ leader with whom i’ll have a nice talk.

HR boss: How are you? How did you feel these months working with us?

Me: Really good, i think this Company really have a nice work environment.

HR boss: I’m happy about that, that’s what CIM tries, not to be just another company and bla bla…

Head: Seems that she trusts us.

Me: That’s because she doesn’t know you… lucky us.

Head: Don’t you think you drink lot of wine? you don’t usually drink.

Me: I’m the one who less drink on this table. Don’t you think i can handle some wine?

Head: It’s not the same. People on this table can run a marathon if they want, specially those girls over there. You got exhausted only with that little run you did to catch the bus.

Me: … that calls explosive force.

Head: Of course.

Legs: Of course.

Me: Mmm… i’ll stop drinking wine.

Voice: But take some jam.

Me: Someone else join us today?

Voice: I’m your stomach. Take some jam, that plate is full of jam and you didn’t eat anything.

Me: This is it…

Head: What’s up stomach?

Stomach: Here i am… empty. I can’t enjoy with this boy.

Me: We have to wait for… i don’t know… The first plate? those are just the starters.

Stomach: Chill bro, i got this.

Me: No, you got nothing.

Head: I have here some files that says that you feel ill every time after you say “I have this under control”.

Stomach: Why do you have those files? Delete them. They are out of date.

Head: They are from last week… I have all registered.

Legs: We’ll start to move frantically from up and down… ok?

And that was how the dinner went on. A friendly meeting full of laughs, food and wine. And it finished, like all the good things, and it was time to go.

Stomach: Auuuuh… help…

Head: Files updated.

Stomach: Shut up…

CEO: Well guys, lets take a drink on that place ok?

Head: These people never stops! what a stamina.

Me: I think i’ll go, it’s a little late and i have to sleep for tomorrow.

Colleagues: Why!? just come with us a little more.

Head: Don’t be impolite. just go.

Legs: We’re not tired.

Me: Lets go then.

And we go. But “that place” was not a pub, it was a disco where all the CIM team decided to have fun.

Legs: Let’s do this!!

Stomach: My god please… stop.

Head: Lights! lot of lights! oh god this is your yam! let me search the lyrics.

Me: We have to dance stomach!

Head: I love christmas dinners. And tomorrow we’ll run 6 kms.

Legs: Yeah let… what?

And with some dance moves the christmas dinner go to his end. I retire myself with half of the team, but some brave partners continue the party. I went to sleep because in two days i’ll have some new experiences. i’ll run my first Company marathon.


Stefano Mazzuka


intern diary III: Christmas dinner2020-04-17T19:10:36+01:00

Intern diary II: Kickoff

Today is a special day. CIM decided to dedicate this day to their workers. The goal is to beef up the friendship between the Company members, share and create new memories in common and, first of all, break the classic walls that exists between the different business positions on the Company. CIM doesn’t have bosses, it has leaders.

Head: All ready?

Me: All ready.

Head: Running shoes? sweat shirt? motivation!?

Me: Check. Check. Check.

Head: Let’s go then!

Me: But where?

Head: I don’t know really…

Me: First of all, lets pick up our mates and they will tell us where to go.

After picking up the group of fit coworkers and placing their backpacks in the trunk, they, I and the GPS set our destination to the Kickoff.

Head: So exciting. What will we do?

Me: I read something about archery and zip lift.

Head: It’ll be awesome.

Sometime later we arrived at our destination where the rest of the team was waiting for us. After we parked, we got to the first activity where, only for fun, we had to give each other nicknames. From that moment on I was known as “The Intern”. I was like a superhero with the ability to solve problems taking twice the time my coworkers would have taken.

CEO: Come on guys! let’s start with archery!

Head: Time to shine, you got awards on archery, medals!

The Intern: That was 11 years ago…

Head: Doesn’t matter, this is like riding a bike.

The Intern: I broke my arm and got some scars from two different bike accidents.

Head: As I said, like taking a walk! you never forget it!

The Intern: mmm

The monitor equipped us and told us the basic security rules. After a short explanation about how not to kill someone with an arrow, we were ready to shoot.

Head: Focus.

The Intern: It should be me to tell you that, don’t you think?

Head: Fire!

The first arrow flew away high, above everything and, agile like a falcon, avoided all the targets.

Head: My lord, you’re so bad.

The Intern: Shut up we almost hit the tallest part of that foam rubber beaver.

Head: Look at your colleague and learn something…

The Intern: I know… she hit that deer three times already.

Head: And that deer is the farthest one, I’m telling you… You’re awful.

The Intern: I told you, if you don’t practice you lose your skills.

Head: You are right my deer.

The Intern: … really?

Head: You don’t like my jokes? … deer with it.

The Intern: …

It was a nice day, the sun was shining and there were no clouds in the sky. So, we decided to try the canoes, which, much appropriately, had two seats each.

The Intern: This is so relaxing.

Head: Your friends are going to splash water at you.

The Intern: What? I don’t thi.. GlughGlugh!!

Colleagues: Haha wake up!

The Intern: What the!

Head: Let’s get them.

And so, between laughter and water, we ended the canoe trip and went to the next activity. We had to get well prepared because this time was the zip line’s turn. After a short talk about security they put us on the harness and the ascent to the tree tops began.

The first colleague hooked herself in the metal cable that connected the starting tree with the one that was the goal, and without much thinking, jumps! and flew through the line. It was my turn.

Head: I don’t feel good…

The Intern: What’s happening now? we must jump, stop being dumb.

Head: Don’t look down…

The Intern: Why? there’s only the river.

Head: I say don’t look! I have vertigo!

The Intern: Is this for real!? Why didn’t you tell me before!?

Head: And what would you have done? not jump? don’t be coward

The Intern: It isn’t me who can’t look down.

Head: I’m perfectly fine, just look front and stop moving, that didn’t help.

The Intern: I’m not moving…

Voice: Sorry… we are…

Head: Who said that?

The Intern: I don’t know, I thought you knew everything Mr. Center of the World…

Voice: We’re your legs, at your deersposal.

The Intern: What!?

Head: Hehe another deer joke. Oh, c’mon intern, it wasn’t difficult.

Legs: Yeah, we listened to your jokes, we liked them haha.

Head: I like you two.

The Intern: This is ridiculous. Why are you moving so much?

Legs: We’re scared… sorry. But relax, just jump, we won’t fail you.

The Intern: One scared and one with vertigo. And we haven’t even started yet. At least we are hooked to this rope.

Head: You are so wimpy, I’ll leave you the first moment I can.

And that was how we had fun at the zip line. Swinging from side to side, trying to maintain balance which, thank God, I had trained, and flying through the trees.

The last activity, the last event, the last thing and the most interesting was waiting for us. It consisted in being imprisoned by a policeman and then taken, along with a quite peculiar convict, to a jail where we had to escape from.

They gave us our inmate suit, took the corresponding photos and then locked us up in a tiny cell.

The Intern: This is like a puzzle, we must think how to get out of here, and maybe we’ll finish on another room where we’ll find a new quest to solve. Maybe we must walk through some vents or some drains and at the end we’ll finally escape from this prison!

Head: Yeah ok em… I’ll leave it to you champ, I’ll sleep for a while, ok?

The Intern: What!? this is exactly when I need you!

Head: Of course, because you regulate your own circulatory system, right?

The Intern: No but… well, I mean… we need think…

Head: And I need to sleep so good night.

The Intern: Perfect…

Legs: Don’t worry! we’re here to support you if you need!

The Intern: Thanks… I guess.

And we made it, we broke free, and thanks to my legs because the surprises that were ahead were none but to jump from unstable platforms that were floating in a river to escaping a cannibal attack.

The great finale. After the long and extenuating journey a special dinner waited for us, in which we put on our apron and cooked our own meal together.

The Intern: That was great, today was an incredible day.

Legs: We’re so exhausted…

Head: Hellooo! Did I miss something? What are those empty plates?

The Intern: You are late, it was a great dinner.

Head: Nooo! did you save me some dessert?

The Intern: Nope.

Head: Tonight, when you go to bed I will think about all those things that got you worried but won’t give you a solution.

The Intern: You are just horrible…

Head: Where’s my projector? you will remember my name.

Legs: We need a little rest…

And that’s how CIM’s Kickoff ended, with all its members reunited in a cozy room, tired, talking and sharing the many anecdotes of that day.

This was my first kickoff and I, as the rest of the team, learned that it’s important to celebrate small victories, like when you hit the target at the first try and maintain the morale up of your teammates. We must go from tree to tree without leaving no one hanging. We must understand that, if someone falls, slips, or gets hurt in the head, we all fall as a team and the rise as a team. And finally, we learned that we’re all different, and we must take advantage of those individualities to break free together from the hardest of prisons.


Stefano Mazzuka

Intern diary II: Kickoff2020-04-17T19:10:36+01:00

Intern diary: My first day at CIM

Head: You are in.

Me: What’s the company about?

Head: Something about documental and information management, chill, with internet and something you have learnt from university, you’ll get away with it. Now you need experience, credits and money.

Me:  Uhum…

Boss: Ok, this is the Company style book and bla bla…

Head: Dude… What’s a style book? You don’t even know what it is.

Me: If you let me listen, maybe I’d know what it is.

Head: You got this…

Boss: In it you’ll find a company culture summary, the team structure and a guide that will help you with your incorporation to CIM.

Me: Now we know.

Head: It makes sense.

Once we have checked all the points form the CIM style book, we stand up.

Boss: Now I’ll show you your workstation and I will introduce you to your partners.

We came into a room full of PC’s, telephones and a big blackboard that covers half a wall. The board was full of some informatics designs. I looked around to see my partners.

Boss: These are your partners and this is your place, your PC and a briefcase in case you need it.

Head: Take it for you! Did you just see that processor? Are we mad!? How much is it? I’m going to search it… Lenovo… Brand…

Me: You are with difference the worst part of me, you know that, don’t you?

Head: It’s so expensive! And you have double screen.

Boss: We also installed it a SSD for better work with the virtual machines. The hard disk we extracted is here if you want to use it, here you have the adapter.

Head: jeje

Me: Don’t think about it.

Boss: In a few minutes the photographer will come to take some pics of you and her for our web page. She’s the new incorporation.

Head: A picture, for the Company’s web… And you with this hair.

Me: I don’t like photos…

Head: jeje

Boss: He’s the photographer, stand there, please.

Me: Shh stop laughing we have to pose.

Head: jeje yeah yeah, let’s see how you get.

After the spontaneous photo shooting, I went on with my introduction to the world of documental management with my boss as a guide. She explained to me exactly the tools and the program I would use and just the basics so as to begin with my job.

Head: I didn’t understand anything.

Me: I’m working, don’t distract me.

Head: Uy! uy! My apologies my lord! How long have you been working? Three minutes?

Me: …

Head: Did you see that coffee machine right there? Could we use it?

Me: I don’t know, nobody say anything about it, but it would be nice.

Head: Can you imagine? Free coffee, baby.

Boss: Look, here you have your welcome coffee cup, take it.

Head: It has your name on it!

Me: At last we have coffee.

Office Partner: Hello, I will help you with the virtual machines, here you have the basic steps to follow. If you need something just let me know.

Me: So lovely.

Head: They are quite young here, right?

Me: Yep.

After a short, but intense, day of work, I come home with a lot of information to process.

Head: They’ll fire you.

Me: Don’t say that!

Head: You didn’t understand anything about that application. Even when you got help from everyone. Everyone was really nice to you, don’t spoil it.

Me: I’ll do my best.

Head: Of course! Don’t worry, if you stay with me, you can do anything!

Me: what a pain in the ass…

Head: Together for


Stefano Mazzuka

Intern diary: My first day at CIM2020-04-17T19:10:36+01:00

Welcome to CIM blog!

Hello everyone,

We have completed our sixth year at CIM! And what better opportunity to celebrate by opening our blog in which we will travel by typing the CIM team members on various subjects: technology, ECM, EIM, our team work, our professional environment, etc.

In this first post, I would like to take a look at our track record and at the present moment in which we find ourselves, here we go!

When launching a company, you ask yourself if your business plan will be successful and if you can reach the barrier of the 5 years. Well, at CIM we succeeded! In 2016, we have passed to the next degree of industrial maturity: We have envolved from start-up company to one in a growth phase. And I must say that each stage that we are covering is more exciting.

You would ask what the key to achieve this has been and I would tell you our customers who are the center and the reason for our work, or the direction strategy, but I can assure you that this has been only one part, the key that has made us be where we are is the people who integrate the team and our values.

People, in short, the human capital, gives value and meaning to the company. And that is not an easy task because we are in a very competitive sector where there is a shortage of highly qualified professionals and where large companies have ECM departments. But even so, we have achieved it!

2016 is a year of investment! Investment in innovation in technology, marketing, and we are extending further our training and skills. Don’t worry, we will occasionally be telling you about formative events we are attending, as well as its appliance in the actual market and also about the demo laboratories we are building up.

The present and the future that lies ahead in the ECM sector is really exciting and motivating! And at CIM we are ready to address the changes! Digitization, digital transformation, Cloud, SaaS, agile methodology, integration with biometric signature, information services, and a long etc.

I hope this post has been interesting for you and I can not leave without giving a warm welcome to all of you.

Thank you for reading!

Carolina Izquierdo



Welcome to CIM blog!2020-04-17T19:10:36+01:00