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intern diary III: Christmas dinner

Legs: You ignore us… Me: Why do you say that? Head: They are right, since you bought that motorbike, you never use them anymore. Legs: We were thinking about leave you… Me: No, my God. I’ll do exercise, next week i’ll go to the gym. Head: Do you want me to store that on “To [...]

intern diary III: Christmas dinner2020-04-17T19:10:36+01:00

Intern diary: My first day at CIM

Head: You are in. Me: What’s the company about? Head: Something about documental and information management, chill, with internet and something you have learnt from university, you’ll get away with it. Now you need experience, credits and money. Me:  Uhum… Boss: Ok, this is the Company style book and bla bla… Head: Dude… What’s a [...]

Intern diary: My first day at CIM2020-04-17T19:10:36+01:00