Me: I’m so tired…

Head: It’s 8:45 on Sunday, what did you expect?

Me: It’s so cold.

Legs: When you’ll be running you will not think about the cold.

Me: Yeah, I’ll get warm quickly.

Head: I think they’re trying to tell you that you will be more worry about not to die than of the cold.

Legs: Jeje yeah.

Me: Why you say that? We have been training.

Head: You can run tree km and that’s a miracle. This is a six-km race… What will you do?

Me: I’ll see.

Legs: Let’s be honest, this looks bleak. Did you see us? This is not going to go well jaja it’s funny.

Me: At least you got sense of humor.

Stomach: The worst is that you didn’t take a good breakfast.

Me: We eat a lot so shut up.

Head: Scramble eggs, orange juice, toasts…

Stomach: Yeah, ok, but… that was like two hours ago.

Me: That was twenty minutes ago.

Stomach: I’m not going to make it. I advise that I don’t going to make it.

We must run with a lot of people. People who were ready to win. Police close a big avenue only for us. Everyone were sponsor their company.

I met my friends and we get ready for start. A man says something very loud and the race begin.

Legs: We got this.

Stomach: You can take one of those cereal bars if you finish the race.

Me: Cereal bar, cereal bar, cereal…

Head: Stopped.

Me: I’m metalizing.

Head: It didn’t work. Just focus on the race and try not to hit the people.

Me: There’s a lot. I’m going to take some pics.

Legs: We got this.

Head: It’s very strange to run on this avenue, but funny.

Me: Yes, you are right.

Stomach: You can have some drink too.

Me: Stomach. Stop. We’ll eat later.

Legs: We got this.

Head: Hey, take a look to your legs… something is wrong.

Me: It’s everything ok?

Legs: Of got! We course this!

Me: yeah… ok…

Head: They will stop working in 10 minutes.

Me: mmm…

Head: Look at them, they even know where they are, they are moving by inertia.

Me: Well, you are the one who control all of this. Just turn on the automatic mode.

Head: As you wish. Automatic legs ON.

Stomach: Grwwwrrg

Me: Really?

Stomach: Yes! You don’t listen to me then I complain!

Me: I don’t need this.

Stomach: GRWWRRGG!!

Me: …

Jefa de RRHH: Stefano how`re you doing! Everything’s good? Hurry up! I’m going to advance a little ok?

Me: Hello! Yeah perfectly! See you!

Head: See how she run…

Me: Yes…

Head: She has children… Did you know that?

Me: Shut up…

Head: Shame on you…

And that was how I was meeting all my friends and every one of them continue the race.

Voice: What the hell are you doing?

Me: What?

Head: I say nothing.

Voice: I’m your heart…

Me: My god, It’s everything ok?

Heart: What do you think? I’m hypotensive and you are running like you don’t care.

Me: But… this is good, right?

Heart: Of course not, this is the worst you can do to me…

Me: But running is good for hypotensive people, right?

Heart: I’m a heart, not a medic. And I know you will not like this.

Me: Like what? UUuugggfh… What’s happening! What a pain!

Head: jeje yeah like a knife.

Heart: Of course! What did you expect? Run some marathon only because you want?

Me: Why me…

Heart: That’s how I roll.

Me: I’m going to walk a little…

Head: Encouragement, we almost arrive to the half part of the race.

Me: How much remains?

Head: Like tree km.

Legs: We got this.

Me: I’ll die, why people do this? Why people pay for this!?

Head: Jeje yeah, I know, we have cars, right?

Tree kilometers later and walking, I meet my friends on the finish line.

Me: We did it…

Stomach: Finally! Where’re my cereal bars?

Girl that work there and have some bad news: I’m sorry, there’s no more cereal bars. Here you have some water.

Me: Thanks

Stomach: WHAT!? This is awful!

Me: Stop complain, look the good side, we finish the race.

Head: Relax, maybe we can find some food later.

Stomach: Mmm.

Head: I’m so proud of you.

Me: Thank you.

Head: Not you, I’m talking about the legs. I will turn off the automatic mode.

Legs: We … are… gonna… die.

Head: Good job. Now you can sleep.

CEO: Well guys, congratulations everyone! You wish to take some coffee now?

Me: See? At the end, you will eat.

Stomach: Nnnnice…

I finish my first race and I went to take a breakfast with my coworkers. And that’s how we are surpassing goals. Step by step. Because y you find troubles in your life the only thing you can do is keep walking.


Stefano Mazzuka