Opentext Forum Madrid took place again on May 18 at the Official College of Architects of Madrid to clients and partners. CIM as sponsor of the event was represented by several members of the team and our CEO.


Millennials (Y) and centennials (Z) generations, present and future consumers both at professional level -employees- and at user level -consumers- are changing the way we interact with applications: artificial intelligent, metaverse and chat GPT; new opportunities and new governance rules are defining a company’s transformation.

Kickoff session discussed the evolution of the entire OT Platform with the recent release of OT Cloud Edition 23.2 and how OpenText is shaping the cloud future through Titanium project initially and nowadays Titanium X project. Documentum was also discussed again, new capabilities of SmartView interface, Intelligent Viewing, integrations and of course Core Platform, we were able to see some demos of these solutions exposed by Pablo and Alberto -from OT-.


Parallel sessions

During the event, a series of very interesting sessions are held, where different clients share their experience with OT solutions, which allows us to observe the benefits obtained as well as the roadmap taken for this purpose.

Allow me to do a few brief brushstrokes of these sessions:

  • Renfe, using the OT Content Suite Platform, has developed a tool facilitating the automation of the management of notifications or improvements related to operational safety.
  • Through OT Vendor Invoice Management, Applus+ has managed to standardize the receiving and approving activities of incoming invoices at an international level until it is posted in the ERP. They have managed not only to reduce the invoices processing time, but also to improve the image of the company towards the suppliers.
  • Unicaja uses OT Extended ECM as a key application within the application ecosystem, allowing it to structure and secure all the documentation exchanged with its clients.
  • Juan Baptiste, an expert in the OT Experience Cloud solution, tells us how it provides the necessary tools to all organizations that understand and are determined that their customers are the most important thing and want to offer experiences that go beyond a simple product or service.
  • Bergé tells us about the importance of having all the documentation centralized and how they are going to cover their processes through the different integrations with OT Extended ECM for SAP, Salesforce and O365.
  • EQTic uses the OT Appworks process modeler to consolidate network resources from different sources into a single inventory and facilitate data verification for users.


Client interview

Pay special attention to the presentation given by MAPFRE’s technology director, where he did not explain how the different OT solutions, in this case Documentum, Intelligent Capture, XcP, D2 and Exstream, allow us to provide a global response to all business areas, both at the national and international level. He also shared MAPFRE’s vision regarding the obsolescence of applications and how they are embarking on the path towards Cloud solutions, managing to minimize dependency on infrastructure and achieve significant savings at different points in the application life cycle. We found it very interesting to sense the arduous path that MAPFRE is facing, taking into account the volume of documentation managed and the infinite peculiarities of each country in terms of technological legislation to be applied.

Throughout the morning, we have once again learned from the experience of different clients and partners. We have internalised news of the different solutions that OT incorporates to its portfolio, understanding its vision and how it is able to adapt to the technological revolution in which we are immersed.

I would like to highlight and thank those clients, with whom we have shared impressions throughout the event and who without their trust, it would not be the same. I am referring to the colleagues from MAPFRE and Técnicas Reunidas.

Ricardo Santos – ECM Technical Director

Daniel Muñoz – ECM Sales