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OpenText Forum May 2023 – Designing the future 2030

Opentext Forum Madrid took place again on May 18 at the Official College of Architects of Madrid to clients and partners. CIM as sponsor of the event was represented by several members of the team and our CEO. Opening Millennials (Y) and centennials (Z) generations, present and future consumers both at professional level -employees- and [...]

OpenText Forum May 2023 – Designing the future 20302023-05-28T08:55:15+01:00

Kickoff 2018

We started having a good and strong breakfast to have energy! And then, we took our private bus… The enjoy is starting!! Many games with Humor Amarillo!!  After the games, we eat BBQ to recover ourselves and made an ESCAPE ROOM! We were so quick to complete it!! Many time left, wowww the best team ever!! [...]

Kickoff 20182018-05-28T15:30:01+01:00

CIM at OpenText Innovation Day Madrid 2018: defining the digital future.

  CIM ECM Engineering was involved as sponsor at OpenText Innovation Day Madrid 2018, where the Company showed their digital future vision, roadmap and their EIM platform incoming features. General Session At the main working session it was offered a valuable discussion handled by the Head of pre sales in Europe at Opentext regarding main [...]

CIM at OpenText Innovation Day Madrid 2018: defining the digital future.2020-04-17T19:10:36+01:00

intern diary III: Christmas dinner

Legs: You ignore us… Me: Why do you say that? Head: They are right, since you bought that motorbike, you never use them anymore. Legs: We were thinking about leave you… Me: No, my God. I’ll do exercise, next week i’ll go to the gym. Head: Do you want me to store that on “To [...]

intern diary III: Christmas dinner2020-04-17T19:10:36+01:00

CIM at BootCamp

The 10 % of the participation in EMC's Bootcamp were the CIM Tram! We have had the opportunity to be formed of the hand of the best professionals in advanced functionality of xCP and D2. It was a tough week, but worth it. The days of Bootcam IU/EMC Developers has been full of new technologies that [...]

CIM at BootCamp2016-04-26T12:23:30+01:00