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Welcome to CIM blog!

Hello everyone,

We have completed our sixth year at CIM! And what better opportunity to celebrate by opening our blog in which we will travel by typing the CIM team members on various subjects: technology, ECM, EIM, our team work, our professional environment, etc.

In this first post, I would like to take a look at our track record and at the present moment in which we find ourselves, here we go!

When launching a company, you ask yourself if your business plan will be successful and if you can reach the barrier of the 5 years. Well, at CIM we succeeded! In 2016, we have passed to the next degree of industrial maturity: We have envolved from start-up company to one in a growth phase. And I must say that each stage that we are covering is more exciting.

You would ask what the key to achieve this has been and I would tell you our customers who are the center and the reason for our work, or the direction strategy, but I can assure you that this has been only one part, the key that has made us be where we are is the people who integrate the team and our values.

People, in short, the human capital, gives value and meaning to the company. And that is not an easy task because we are in a very competitive sector where there is a shortage of highly qualified professionals and where large companies have ECM departments. But even so, we have achieved it!

2016 is a year of investment! Investment in innovation in technology, marketing, and we are extending further our training and skills. Don’t worry, we will occasionally be telling you about formative events we are attending, as well as its appliance in the actual market and also about the demo laboratories we are building up.

The present and the future that lies ahead in the ECM sector is really exciting and motivating! And at CIM we are ready to address the changes! Digitization, digital transformation, Cloud, SaaS, agile methodology, integration with biometric signature, information services, and a long etc.

I hope this post has been interesting for you and I can not leave without giving a warm welcome to all of you.

Thank you for reading!

Carolina Izquierdo



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CIM at BootCamp

The 10 % of the participation in EMC’s Bootcamp were the CIM Tram! We have had the opportunity to be formed of the hand of the best professionals in advanced functionality of xCP and D2.

It was a tough week, but worth it. The days of Bootcam IU/EMC Developers has been full of new technologies that open the doors to a wide range of possibilities. The sessions were divided into three technology areas:

  • D2: With Plugins, Widgets and D2FS laboratories we have seen all the possibilities D2 provides for customization without changing a single line of standard code. Thanks to the new technologies that can be applied in D2 Widgets we can make a more attractive application for users. We were able to have a close-up view of various developments that have taken place for customers with specific requirements by experts around the world. Add a calendar, allow the users to manage their security, or browsing through metadata rather than the classic folder structure are some of the developments that were showed during D2 laboratories.
  • xCP: Are you reinventing the wheel? XCP experts introduced us to GitHub world where you can find a lot of developments and new features to use in our xCP applications. In addition, we made several laboratories about how to add functionality over XCP forms, how to modificate the look & feel depending on customers and how to develope web services that enables the integration between other corporate tools with xCP.
  • Mobile Application Development: Who has said that Documentum products are not mobile? We found that thanks to technologies like Cordova, Ionic or Android Studio we can integrate mobile devices with xCP, D2 or Captiva that facilitates user work because they can access to whole information with just one click using simple applications. In addition, we finally have a brief inside Horizon Project, which will be the future of new mobile applications and content management.

At the end, with a lot of homework and new ideas in our heads, we hope to offer the best of these technologies to our customers by offering everything learned during these days that have really been of great advantage.

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