Head: You are in.

Me: What’s the company about?

Head: Something about documental and information management, chill, with internet and something you have learnt from university, you’ll get away with it. Now you need experience, credits and money.

Me:  Uhum…

Boss: Ok, this is the Company style book and bla bla…

Head: Dude… What’s a style book? You don’t even know what it is.

Me: If you let me listen, maybe I’d know what it is.

Head: You got this…

Boss: In it you’ll find a company culture summary, the team structure and a guide that will help you with your incorporation to CIM.

Me: Now we know.

Head: It makes sense.

Once we have checked all the points form the CIM style book, we stand up.

Boss: Now I’ll show you your workstation and I will introduce you to your partners.

We came into a room full of PC’s, telephones and a big blackboard that covers half a wall. The board was full of some informatics designs. I looked around to see my partners.

Boss: These are your partners and this is your place, your PC and a briefcase in case you need it.

Head: Take it for you! Did you just see that processor? Are we mad!? How much is it? I’m going to search it… Lenovo… Brand…

Me: You are with difference the worst part of me, you know that, don’t you?

Head: It’s so expensive! And you have double screen.

Boss: We also installed it a SSD for better work with the virtual machines. The hard disk we extracted is here if you want to use it, here you have the adapter.

Head: jeje

Me: Don’t think about it.

Boss: In a few minutes the photographer will come to take some pics of you and her for our web page. She’s the new incorporation.

Head: A picture, for the Company’s web… And you with this hair.

Me: I don’t like photos…

Head: jeje

Boss: He’s the photographer, stand there, please.

Me: Shh stop laughing we have to pose.

Head: jeje yeah yeah, let’s see how you get.

After the spontaneous photo shooting, I went on with my introduction to the world of documental management with my boss as a guide. She explained to me exactly the tools and the program I would use and just the basics so as to begin with my job.

Head: I didn’t understand anything.

Me: I’m working, don’t distract me.

Head: Uy! uy! My apologies my lord! How long have you been working? Three minutes?

Me: …

Head: Did you see that coffee machine right there? Could we use it?

Me: I don’t know, nobody say anything about it, but it would be nice.

Head: Can you imagine? Free coffee, baby.

Boss: Look, here you have your welcome coffee cup, take it.

Head: It has your name on it!

Me: At last we have coffee.

Office Partner: Hello, I will help you with the virtual machines, here you have the basic steps to follow. If you need something just let me know.

Me: So lovely.

Head: They are quite young here, right?

Me: Yep.

After a short, but intense, day of work, I come home with a lot of information to process.

Head: They’ll fire you.

Me: Don’t say that!

Head: You didn’t understand anything about that application. Even when you got help from everyone. Everyone was really nice to you, don’t spoil it.

Me: I’ll do my best.

Head: Of course! Don’t worry, if you stay with me, you can do anything!

Me: what a pain in the ass…

Head: Together for


Stefano Mazzuka