CIM is a company offering professional solutions and services to create integrated information management projects

What we do?


Document Software Solutions for energy and engineering market


We are the only partner in Spain certified by OpenText to implement the specific solutions of the Documentum suite for the sector of Energy and Engineering.



Document Software Solutions with biometric signature


CIM, in partnership with the 3GMobile Group, offers the DOCSIGN solution to integrate document management with the biometric signature process.

ECM Services

All our professional services are provided with certified equipment

ECM Services

As specialists in the technology, CIM can install, configure, parametrise and start up information management solutions.


We are always on top of the market trends and technologies


CIM offers its innovation services as a strategic partner.

How do we do it?

In our innovation and digital transformation projects, we are supported by the methodology created by IDEO, which analyses the problems to solve in the design sphere holistically, considering the human, economic and technological factors, and organising the creative and innovation process.

  • Competitor analysis

    Sector and market trends, trends in customer experience, etc.
  • Cocreation

    With employees, clients or associates, to understand the needs of each type of profile.
  • Understanding our clients business

    Analysing every detail.
  • Defining the basis

    Of the digital strategy and management model together with the concrete actions to carry out.
  • Defining the aspirational models

    Basis for designing products and services.

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