Simplified and Efficient Document Management

Are you tired of manually managing your documents and your administrative processes are time-consuming?

Why choose DocuWare?





Frequent use cases

DocuWare for Finance (Invoice Management)

DocuWare for Human Resources (HR)

DocuWare for Sales


Connect your corporate applications

Make your information and documents flow easily between applications, departments and teams through flexible, secure and intuitive integration.

DocuWare integrates with more than 500 different applications, ranging from email and web portals to CRM, ERP and HR software.


Integrations with iPaaS platform

Connect your systems easily in the cloud.
With iPass DocuWare connectors on the Make platform, we can connect your cloud system with other applications.

Automate your workflows without boundaries between different applications in the cloud and without the need for special programming, saving time and costs.

Crea y Crece Law

The Crea y Crece Law redefines the business landscape in Spain. With DocuWare, your company will achieve its goals effectively. We offer you modernization without complications, adaptation without stress.

Join us as we move confidently into this new era.

Full compliance

Increase your peace of mind. Face any audit without worries.

Agility in Transition

Simplified migration of paper documents to digital format, enabling a smooth transition to electronic invoicing.

Workflow Automation

Manage your documents and automate your approval processes, drastically reducing time and minimizing errors.

Data Security

Guarantees the security and confidentiality of your financial documents, protecting them against cyber threats.

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