Professional services specialising in Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Professional services

CIM has a team of highly qualified professionals to provide the required services. Our premises are flexibility and quality in everything we do.

Covering the lifespan of information.

  • Consulting

    We gather the IT business requirements to enable us to provide the solution that best suits the needs and use case of each client. Our coverage goes from scanning and OCR systems, through business management and BPM, to conservation policies, reporting, ERPS integration, etc.
  • Architecture

    We define the architecture needed to serve the defined solution. We are known for our flexibility, working with the client’s corporate virtualisation system in on-premise platforms or cloud-based solutions hosted by CIM.
  • Implementation

    We install, configure, parametrise and develop the document management solution. We focus particularly on the quality of what we do, guaranteeing success in meeting the deadlines and requirements of our clients in the installations we carry out.
  • Maintenance

    A maintenance plan adapted to each client is just as important as good implementation. Our flexibility enables us to carry out maintenance on demand and adapt to SLAs.

Areas of expertise

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