Document solution integrated with the biometric signature process in partnership with 3G Mobile Group

In partnership with 3G Mobile Group

Business solution merging the biometric signature product 3G Mobile Sign with the power of the document manager Documentum to give a single biometric signature management process with automatic storage of information and metadata.

Our solution

  • Types of signature

    Biometric, electronic (digital certificate), electronic with PIN, in the cloud, OTP and DNI 3.0.
  • Document management

    Security, biometric data mapping, extraction of fields in templates, automatic storage, online previews and search power.
  • Technology

    Based on 3G Mobile SIGN + D2 Documentum technology.
  • Distribution

    Pay per use solution, flexible plans to suit needs, maintenance included and availability in the cloud or on-premises.
  • Start-up

    Immediate activation with custom look&feel.

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