CIM ECM Engineering was involved as sponsor at OpenText Innovation Day Madrid 2018, where the Company showed their digital future vision, roadmap and their EIM platform incoming features.

General Session

At the main working session it was offered a valuable discussion handled by the Head of pre sales in Europe at Opentext regarding main factors as security, data privacy and new regulations to which this market is affected by:MiFID II and GDPR. During the session the digital platform roadmap (content suite, documentum, xEcm, InfoArchive and Experience), architecture and applications for the last 16.4 release was shown.

Thoroughout the explanation, the listener room was asked about the predominant platforms that they use to challenge their goals- most of them confirmed to use Documentum. However, only a few cases Content Suite was the solution chosen and hardly ever both of them or others.

As far as OpenText Documentum is concerned, new features were looking further as enhacement in DTCM (scalability &TCO, S3 storage), xCP (new brava visor as well as suitable integration with Courier) and in D2 (D2 Mobile SaaS and improvements related to content imports).

There was also an special mention about xECM conectors for :SAP, SuccessFActos, Oracle, Sharepoint,Salesforce, Process Suite and those new specially designed for Engineering and Goverment.

Eventhough, it was a great chance to assist to demonstrations and practical succesfull cases seminars regarding xECM, Exstream, Process Suite and Capital Projects Express and so on.

Paralell Sesiones

By the other hand, it was also exposed by our CEO -Carolina Izquierdo-, beside Raúl Martín, IT Manager at INITEC (Técnicas Reunidas Group), a successful OpenText E&E vertical solution applied experience and the way this tool –Capital Projects- helped them to meet their goals along an Argelia Gas Project for plan construction: This example summarizes some of the most important advantages that are supported by this content management tool.

Agile methodology, communication and technological bussiness expertise in E&E have been some of the main facts leading to success in this Project -Carolina predicates-.

During the presentation the knowledge of E&E sector was evidenced, explaining how the inherent needs of this typology of EPC projects were solved: collaboration, distribution, tracing, revisions, life cycles …

To give a strategical step forward in this Project, it would be implemented OpenText Documentum for Assets Operations in order to rule document control and workflow automation for plan operation and maintenance.

Corporate Stand

We were also pleased in such an interesting meeting, at our corporative stand to attend to anyone who was interested in our solutions implementations. Undoubtedly, it was a great occasion to share points of view with other companies, trying to know the market claims and to work on your next needs, growing up beside you.

Anyway, it was a engaging workshop, a truly opportunity where suppliers, customers, colleages, ex colleages and friends were met.

Ricardo Santos

ECM Project Manager