Mission and Vision

CIM is a company offering professional solutions and services, specialising in document management the introduction and start-up of integrated information management projects.
Our Vision is to continue providing the best document management solutions for our clients, in order to improve and optimise the use case presented for their business processes. We are constantly focused on innovation, with new products, technologies and solutions, both off-the-shelf and our own custom developments. We work to strengthen our position as a leading company in the field of technological innovation and on developing enterprise content management (ECM) solutions.


The values governing our teamwork and our relationship with clients are enthusiasm, responsibility, quality, approachability, collaboration and innovation.


Meet our team

Carolina Izquierdo
Carolina IzquierdoBusiness Development
Ricardo Santos
Ricardo SantosECM Service Manager
Natalia Recarte
Natalia RecarteECM Project Manager
Isabel Fernández
Isabel FernándezConsultor Senior ECM
Jesús Fernández
Jesús FernándezECM Senior Consultant
Dionisio Soneira
Dionisio SoneiraECM Service Manager
Daniel Muñoz
Daniel MuñozECM Senior Consultant
Álvaro Román
Álvaro RománECM Senior Consultant
Javier Trincado
Javier TrincadoECM Senior Consultant
José Antonio Vázquez
José Antonio VázquezECM Senior Consultant
Ivana Chavarino
Ivana ChavarinoECM Senior Consultant
Alberto Almansa
Alberto AlmansaECM Senior Consultant

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